The Art of Food

One of the most significant and highly praised experiences Arugot Bosem has to offer is its food: the various dishes and large variety of desserts served throughout the event to the guests. The main reason for our great success in leaving such a momentous impression is our rich, extensive experience in the culinary field and our work with the best professionals, who view each dish as a personal work of art and who make sure to use the freshest raw ingredients of the highest quality.
We do our utmost to adhere to your personal needs and to tailor the dishes to the nature of the event. At the Arugot Bosem Banquet Garden, we view the formation of a menu for an event as an opportunity for renewal, diversification and the creation of an experience that meets high international standards and succeeds in making every event one of a kind.

At “Arugot Bosem” our motto is to extend your European experience to the gastronomic part of the event. At “Arugot Bosem”, we are no strangers to words such as innovation, concept, creativity, blending and modularity. “Arugot Bosem’s” menu is varied and rich, and we are very open to new and creative ideas.
We are meticulous about the freshness of our ingredients, their quality and their suitability to the specific concept of the event. The dishes on our rich menu are influenced by international cuisine, so that every customer can choose their favorite menu.