Arugot Bosem – A prestigious banquet garden in the Sharon region

Arugot Bosem, a prestigious banquet garden at the northern edge of Emek Hefer, opened in May of 2010. Arugot Bosem was built on an area of 3 acres, inspired by classic English style infused with modern elements, and is considered a unique banquet garden in Israel. With our many years of experience in managing banquet halls, invigorated by our vast knowledge of the culinary and hospitality fields and particularly thanks to the fact that we put our heart and soul into it, we have succeeded in creating a banquet garden which is like a dream come true.

One sip of Arugot Bosem’s 2017 vintage wine is enough to dazzle you and transport you to places unknown. Our motto is simple: “God is in the details…” Every event is a once in a lifetime experience, and we at Arugot Bosem will make sure that it becomes an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.
We would love to produce your next event!
The Arugot Bosem Banquet Garden Team